The Soldiers Tale

Bernadette Iglich in 'Soldiers Tale'(1986)

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15 July 1986 at Queen Elizabeth Hall

as part of The Summerscope Festival

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company/London Synfonietta


Kim Brandstrup


Igor Stravinsky


Craig Givens


Peter Mumford


Mark Ashman
Tracey Fitzgerald
Ron Howard
Bernadette Iglich
Arlette Kunz
Dario Zuccotti

The Soldiers Tale

Arc Dance Company/London Sinfonietta
Queen Elizabeth Hall, July 1986

Review Extracts

Drawing freely on the characters and images suggested by the instrumental suite from Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, the second was perhaps a little less convincing in the sum of its many skilfully devised parts, while being equally decisive in its demonstration of the corporate gifts of the new, and splendidly theatrical young company. 

Daily Telegraph

"(KB)– shows that he has an individual choreographic voice.

Last night’s programme began well, with the most considerable of the three pieces on offer, The Soldier’s Tale. Using the suite Stravinsky abstracted from his full score, Mr Brandstrup sets out the story in non-specific terms, but with enough hints of drama to make narrative sense. With a bold and dominating performance by Ron Howell as the Soldier to drive the tale along, and with an avoidance of movement cliches, the piece has a dramatic verve far beyond the apparently simple means at the choreographer’s disposal – no set, and basic costuming. "

Financial Times