The Narrow Road to the Deep North

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12 September 1983, Bluecoat Arts Centre , Liverpool

Creative team


Spiral Dance Company


Kim Brandstrup


John Cage
3 Dances for prepared Piano


Helen Turner


Caroline Roemmele
Steinvor Palsson

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Spiral Dance Company
Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, September 1983

"The Narrow Road to the Deep North" was Kim Brandstrup's first professional commission.The then artistic director of Spiral Dance Company Tim Lamford had seen 'Les Noces' which KB had choreographed while still a student at London School of Contemporary Dance and asked him to create a trio for the company. Set to John Cage's 'Three Dances for Prepared Piano' the work had a meditative ritualistic quality inspired by the gamelan sounding piano and was indebted in both style and tone to Merce Cunningham.