The Dybbuk

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15 November 1988 at The Place Theatre, London

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company


Kim Brandstrup


Ian Dearden

Costume Design

Craig Givens


Tina MacHugh


Joanna O’Keefe
Patrick Mahoney
Bernadette Iglich
Norman Douglas
Dario Zuccotti
Joy Constantinides
Concha De Icaza

The Dybbuk

Arc Dance Company
The Place Theatre, London, November 1988

Review Extracts

" There is, until the very last, little that is overtly dramatic or hysterical. There is, instead an inevitability and a developing sense of unease which argues Brandstrup’s constant concern for a clear and purposeful narrative language. Channon is never frightening in behaviour, but wholly inescapable to Leah . Amid the shadows of the setting, the drama is unfailingly effective.

It is a dance work having a consistent and uncompromising vision, and it is very welcome."

Financial Times