Saints and Shadows

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8 August 1994 at Tivoli Concert Hall , Copenhagen

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company


Kim Brandstrup


Craig Givens


Ian Dearden
Traditional Latin American Music

Scenic Artist

Liz Reed

Costume Maker

Sasha Keir


Tina MacHugh


Kenneth Tharp
Souli Yates
Daniel Belton
Joy Constantinides
Mark Ashman
Fushia Peters
Paul Joseph
Andrew Titcombe
Tracey Fitzgerald

Saints and Shadows

Arc Dance Company
Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, August 1994

Review Extracts

“Kim Brandstrup has a distinctive theatricality, a gift for creating and sustaining atmosphere so that every frame in his work glows with style. He can make magic and mystery too, as he does in his newest piece Saints and Shadows” 

The Stage

Saints and Shadows is Brandstrup at his most imaginative and clearly in total control of his art."

Evening Standard

"In 1994, Brandstrup headed south in his mind to Mexico to make Saints and Shadows, inspired by the Day of the Dead fiesta, and a chilling creation it still is. "

Daily Telegraph