2011, The Danish Danse Theatre

Creative Team

CHOREOGRAPHY Tim Rushton & Kim Brandstrup

COSTUMES Charlotte Østergaard

MUSIC Merula Tarquinio, Canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nonna per voce e continuo, J.S Bach, CelloSuite No. 2 in D Minor, Courante. Domenico Scarlatti, Sonata in B minor, k27. W.A. Mozart, Allemande for piano, C major Suite K 399,W.A. Mozart, Le Nozze di Figaro, “Deh, vieni non tardar”, Jos van Immerseel, Magdalena Kozena

DANCERS from The Danish Danse Theatre

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The Danish Dance Theatre

Programme Notes

Tim Rushton and Kim Brandstrup choreograph each their own work for this performance night, where international dancers form the Danish Dance Theatre creates a moving picture of todays lonelyness, dreams and desires. The use of music as sources are in common for both works. A free, floading and contrast rhapsody about beeing a human being.

The danse performance “Rhapsody” is like a symphonic poem, where dancing and classic operas describe the price of passion. As modern human beings we search for perfection. We want to be respected, liked and desired – beautiful and active persons with succes in all facets of life.

But under the mask of perfection our feelings and desires live their own hidden life. We show them rarely – often we don’t even know them. Suddenly they brake through when we least expect it. Totally uncontrolled and so vigorously that it changes our “perfect” life. What kind of powers are they? and why are we hiding them so well?

Rhapsody – The Danish Dance Theatres tour performance in 2011/2012 – is created by two of the most awardwinning contemporary choreographs. Tim Rushton – The Company’s artistic director and 4 times awarded winner of the Reumert price - and Kim Brandstrup the double awared Laurence Olivier winner.

A rapsody is different pieces of music composed into one piece of music. Rahpsody fulfills this succesfully, music- as well as dance wise. From Mozart and Bach to John Adams’ more modern tones. The choreography moves from the dramatic and classic storys of Kim Brandstrup to the raw and rhythmic pulse of Tim Rushton. Common for both choreographers is that they make it seem simple and easy, but it surely isn’t in “Rhapsody”.

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