Transfigured Night


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Transfigured Night

Rambert Dance Company
Sadlers Wells Theatre, 3 November 2015


“This review is going to be a love letter to Kim Brandstrup’s new creation, Transfigured Night. The centrepiece of Rambert’s London season, it is a sensational danced response to Schoenberg’s score... Using 20 Rambert dancers (almost the entire company) Brandstrup produces a dance drama that deals with the aftermath of a shocking confession from three perspectives — and each is suffused with a staggering emotional resonance inherent in every single phrase. “..the ensemble, enhancing the choreography’s pulse through balletic lifts, is wonderful, as are the four central characters. A triumph all round.”

Debra Craine,
The Times, 5.11.15

“a fascinating new work.. Brandstrup’s dances — generous in phrase and feeling, solos and duets set against a large corps de ballet which establishes echoing responses to the drama — tell their tale with a sure and sympathetic language.”

Clement Crisp
Financial Times, 5.11.15

“What makes this one of Brandstrup’s finest works is his use of a large framing chorus to embody the shapes and currents of the lovers’ emotions.”

Judith Mackrell
The Guardian, 4.11.15

“Kim Brandstrup is a gift to Rambert… clear eyed and choreographically assured..”

Sarah Frater
The Stage, 5.11.15

“Bittersweet, Brandstrup’s gorgeous piece, one of the finest he has created, proves how effectively he can be romantic without descending into sentimentality.”

Jann Parry, 5.11.15

“Bold, flawlessly executed..”

Vanessa Keys
Daily Telegraph, 5.11.15

“Kim Brandstrup’s fine new Transfigured Night …the duets are touchingly detailed..”

Zoe Anderson,
The Independent, 4.11.15

“beautifully constructed: a subtle, sensitive depiction of three different outcomes of a woman’s confession to her lover. This is an excellent piece.”

David Dougill
The Sunday Times, 8.11.15

“This is a humane and eloquent piece, wonderfully danced.”

Luke Jennings
The Observer, 8.11.15

"Brandstrup romps away with full honours. His Transfigured Night is a haunting, emotionally piercing masterpiece, one of the finest that this outstanding choreographer has ever made, the reward of maturity.

Iceman Brown
The Spectator,19.11.2015