Queen of Spades


Théâtre Maisonneuve of 
Place des Arts, Montréal, 18 October 2001

Creative Team


Les Grandes Ballets Canadiennes


Kim Brandstrup


Gabriel Thibaudeau -based on 'The Queen of Spades' by P.I Tchaikovsky


Kandis Cook


John Munro

Video Imagery

Brothers Quay and Sylvain Robert

Video Design

Sylvain Robert

Queen of Spades

Les Grandes Ballets Canadiennes
Theatre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts, Montreal, October 2001


"Queen of Spades a ballet diamond" "Les Grands Ballets Canadiens has a big hit on its hands. The immensely subtle and vigorously dramatic The Queen of Spades is proof that ballet really can be for everyone."

- Linde Howe-Beck, The Gazette

“Put together by a creative team at the height of its talents, the Brandstrup version of The Queen of Spades is a lavish unfurling of images and colors, split into seven scenes."

Isabelle Poulin, Le Devoir,

“A royal flush!" 
"The Queen of Spades: The choreographer has played her cards very well by artfully blending modernity and classicism." 
"... the clarity of action, the delicacy of movement, the lovely music, and, most of all, the understated aestheticism leave you breathless throughout the ballet."

Linda Boutin, Voir,

“Montreal's Queen has come up aces" "This balletified Queen of Spades deals all the right cards."

Michael Crabb, The National Post

“Video and dance found a clever meeting place..."

Darrah Carr, The Dance Insider

It's an exceptional stroke of theater

Sylviane Gold, Newsday

"Apart from the elaborate costumes and gauzy videos, the beauty of Queen is in Brandstrup's staging and the non-stop dancing."

- Linde Howe-Beck, The Gazette