Irek Mukhamedov in 'Othello'(1994)

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9 Feburary 1994 at Sadler's Wells, London

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company/Irek Mukhamedov


Kim Brandstrup


Ian Dearden


Craig Givens


Tina MacHugh

Costume Maker

Sasha Keir

Scenic Artist

Liz Reed


Irek Mukhamedov
Leesa Phillips
Tom Ward
Kenneth Tharp
Souli Yates
Daniel Belton
Joy Constantinides
Mark Ashman
Fushia Peters
Paul Joseph
Andrew Titcombe

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company


Arc Dance Company/Irek Mukhamedov
Sadler's Wells, Feburary 1994

Review Extracts

"Given Brandstrup’s confident and impassioned choreographic style with its strongly dramatic basis and cinematic fluency, Mukhamedov had no need to adapt his classical training to any avant-garde steps or movements. His part was brilliantly tailored to suit the vigorous and virtuoso Bolshoi technique "

Katherine Sorley Walker, Daily Telegraph

"Their relationship ( Othello/Iago) is developed by a series of devices that are often stunning in their economy. As Iago, literally, dogs Othello's movements you can almost see him leeching away Othello's confidence and joy. When Othello starts to crack he lifts his hands to ward off the diabolic strength of Iago's presence. Most vivid of all is the way that Iago's fabrications are staged. The rest of the characters perform a masked dance for Othello and, as they change partners, Iago freeze-frames the action to show Cassio and Desdemona in erotically compromising positions."

Judith Macrelle, Independant

“ The ballet is told in strikingly clear scenes, with powerful gesture, and fluent, emotional movement” 

The Times