Mysterier MP(1995)Martin Mydtskov Ronne

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Mysterier(1994)©Martin Mydtskov Ronne

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15 October 1994 Det Kongelige Teater , Copenhagen

Creative Team

Den Kongelige Ballet/Royal Danish Ballet


Kim Brandstrup


Ian Dearden


Craig Givens


Heidi Ryom
Peter Bo Bendixen
Vladimir Daminianov
Mette Bodtcher
Helen Saunders
Melissa Werner
Niels Balle
Thomas Lund
Stephen Pier


The Royal Danish Ballet
The Royal Theatre , Copenhagen, 12 October 1994

Review Extracts

"Like a magician he transforms the stage into a magnetic forcefield . His 'Mysterier' creates a cool atmosphere of anticipation - reminiscent of Edward Hopper. It is liberating that Brandstrup lets his unique sense of rhythm and space guide him and never becoms confined by a story . This is modern ballet with a classical sensability - a condensed dance drama created for the Royal's dancers per excellence. God save Brandstrup"

Monna Dithmer, Politiken

"The evenings most interesting piece was without doubt Kim Brandstrup's 'Mysterier' - who with his hypnotic repetitions of the 'somnabular' theme literally managed to slowly build a intense vibrant universe of mystery, of dreams,longings and ties that has to be broken"

Majbritt Simonsen, Kristeligt Dagblad

"KIm Brandstrup's 'Mysterier' is admirable , tight and clear. Both visually and choreographically ."

Erik Aschengreen, Berlingske Tidende

"The choreographic language is dramatically intense and maked by some extraordinary vivid details"

Viggo Soerensen , Jyllands-Posten