Help Me Somebody

Mark Ashman and Lindsay Butcher in HELP ME SOMEBODY(1982)

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15 January 1984 at Everyman Theatre , Liverpool

Creative Team


Spiral Dance Company


Kim Brandstrup


Help Me somebody - Brian Eno/David Byrne
Drugs - Talking Heads
I, Zimbra - Talking Heads


Joelle Daemers
Caroline Roemmle
Nigel Warrack

Help Me Somebody

Spiral Dance Company
Everyman Theatre , Liverpool, January 1984

'Help Me Somebody' was KB's second commission for Spiral Dance Company and was an expansion of his early work from 1981 and a short 'Trio' from 1983 set to Talking Heads' 'I Zimbra'. Including a solo to 'Drugs' by David Byrne the trio was tightly paced and urban in its writing.