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Production photos

Clemmie Sveaas and Matthew Hart in 'The Anatomy of the Storyteller'(2004)©John Robinson
Matthew Hart and Gildas Diquero  The Anatomy of the Storyteller(2004)©John Robinson
Cathy Marston and Gildas Diquero  The Anatomy of the Storyteller(2004)©John Robinson

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November 8, 2004 – Arc Dance Company at the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company


Kim Brandstrup


Ian Dearden (commissioned),
Johannes Brahms,
Franz Schubert

Video Images

The Quay Brothers

Video Design

Kim Brandstrup &
Dominique Rivoal


Craig Givens


Tina MacHugh


Joy Constantinides
Gildas Diquero (Hans Christian Andersen)
Matthew Hart
Bernadette Igliich
Cathy Marston
Frederic Persson
Clemmie Sveaas
Jenny Tattersall
Kenneth Tharp


August 24 - 27, 2005, The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen


Arc Dance Company
Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House, 8 November 2004

Review Extracts

“The work as a whole created a darkly memorable picture of a very complex and strange man..”

- Jane Simpson, 9.11.04

"Brandstrup intermingles fact and fairy tale excellently....It is done splendidly by a distinguished cast"
"To make a staging for the bicentenary of Hans Christian Andersen's birth , who better than Kim Brandstrup? Danish-born, a choreographer with a fine allusive sense of narrative, an artist sensitive to historical period, he has produced a remarkable work of commemoration... to Brandstrup and his team and to the Linbury for providing so fine a setting, admiration and thanks. This production is among the best - because it is so stylish- things that Covent Garden show us"

- Clement Crisp, Financial Times 10.11.04

"Beautifully performed, Brandstrup’s latest creation stands out for its rarefied atmospheres and Hoffmanesque imagery."

- Giannandra Poesio, The Spectator 13.11.04

“Kim Brandstrup is a choreographer with an exceptional ability to create simple, beautiful and atmospheric stage images. That is also true of his new stage work, Hans Chritian Andersen – Anatomy of a Storyteller.”

- Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende 26.8.05

"a mastery act...Brandstrup is a gifted storyteller and he sketches the tale with rapid wit... and the nine dancers cold hardly be bettered"

The Guardian

"Brandstrup expertly guides us through highlights from Andersen's back catalogue, including an imaginative take on the famed Mermaid. Gildas Diquero turns in an excellent performance as the author. HIs is a standout turn among a uniformly excellent cast, all perfectly attuned to Brandstup's lyrical line in narrative dance making"

The Metro

"Beautifully performed by artists such as Cathy Marston, Matthew Hart, Kenneth Tharp, Jenny Tattersall and Gildas Diquero as well as the rest of Arc Dance Company, Brandstrup's latest creation stands out of it rarefied atmospheres and Hoffmanesque imagery."

The Spectator

"As Andersen, Gildas Diquero combines gawky, nervous fluidity with mimetic articulation, almost melting in self-deprecation, he flinches from the very human contact he craves... Brandstrup has a fine supporting cast: Matthew Hart, Cathy Marston, Bernadette Iglich, Frederik Persson, Clemmie Sveass, Jenny Tattersall and long time Arc artists Kenneth Tharp and Joy Constantinides. All are dab hands at negotiating Brandstrup's writing and use of body language."

The Times

"Typically production standards are tip-top. Brandstrup's collaborators - notably lighting designer Tina MacHugh and image-makers The Brothers Quay - achieve great things using deep shadow, silhouettes, mesh screens both behind and in front of the action on which stage-size video images create a fourth dimension. Atmosphere is everything in Brandstrup's work and there are extended moments in Anatomy of a Storyteller when I couldn't imagine anything more powerful or more beautiful."

The Independent on Sunday

"... the tragic tale of the Little Mermaid... was beautifully conceived and ravishingly danced by Matthew Hart and Clemmie Sveass."

The Sunday Telegraph

Programme note

2005 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of writer Hans Christian Andersen and as part of the international celebrations Kim Brandstrup, in association with the Hans Christian Andersen Foundation, created a new dance piece based on Andersen’s works. The full-length production, Anatomy of a Storyteller (working title) involved a company of nine dancers and film projections by animators the Quay Brothers. Read More