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4 March at The Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe

London Premiere

30 April 2003 at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company


Kim Brandstrup


Ian Dearden


Craig Givens


Tina MacHugh


Lee Boggess
Kenneth Tharp
Joanne Fong
Theo Clinkard
Joanna O’Keeffe
Fredrik Persson
Karl Sullivan
Gildas Diquero
Joy Constantinides
Cathy Marston
Jenny Tattersall
Fearghus O’conchuir
Jonathan Poole


Arc Dance Company
The Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe, March 2003

Review Extracts

“The pacing of the show is masterly, and its final wistful plot innovation inspired.” 

Jenny Gilbert, The Independent on Sunday

“. Brandstrup’s vision, and his power to realise it, make a memorable work of art. Kim Brandstrup’s new Hamlet is his most powerful creation to date.” 

Clement Crisp, Financial Times,read

“Brandstrup gives a filmic view of the nightmare that is Elsinore: fast paced, close-cropped, a grimly beautiful world.”

Judith Flanders, Evening Standard

“The movement - arching, angular, fluid, full-bodied...expertly rendered by an 11-strong cast, yields kinetic poetry.” 

Donald Hutera, The Times

“This is Brandstrup’s most coherent production in years. He keeps the storyline clear, while adding teasing layers of ambiguity through body language alone.”

Jann Parry, The Observer

“Ye Gods – it is superb. When Kim Brandstrup is good, he is a true master. And his Hamlet is one of his very best creations.”

Majbrit Hjelmsbo, Weekendavien (Denmark) read

“Brandstrup seems to create his works like a film-maker, an invisible camera panning over the dancers. Action is fast and varied, like a series of beautifully cut shots, so the eye has to dart all over the stage to take in the drama. The different factions are wonderfully grouped: a skein of black-clad courtiers freeze to observe the prince's crazy antics, worried for his sanity: lovers Gertrude and Claudius roll and tumble with desire on the slab where the dead king once lay: Laertes and friends huddle together with an air of conspiracy.....“Wordless, yet a story clearly told... this Hamlet has huge appeal.”

Stephanie Ferguson, The Guardian

“Brandstrup makes Hamlet dance at Elsinore Castle with such intense concentration that the dead awaken.l”

Monna Dithmer, Politiken (Denmak)

“It is far too long since we last saw Kim Brandstrup and his dancers in Denmark...our countryman has still maintained his grip on modern, narrative dance drama.” 

Erik Aschengreen, Berlingske Tidende (Denmark)