Goldberg - The Brandstrup-Rojo Project | Royal Ballet

Tamara Rojo in The Goldberg Project

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Tamara Rojo in The Goldberg Project

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September 21, 2009 at the Linbury Studio Theatre of the Royal Opera House, London

Creative Team


ROH2/The Royal Ballet


Kim Brandstrup


J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations


Richard Hudson

Lighting design

Paule Constable

Video designs

Leo Warner for Fifty Nine Productions Ltd

Sound design

Ian Dearden



Clara Barbera
Laura Caldow
Tommy Franzén
Riccardo Meneghini
Steven McRae *
Tamara Rojo *
Thomas Whitehead *


Philip Gammon**
Henry Roche

* appearied courtesy of The Royal Ballet
** also recorded piano


Royal Opera House, September 2009

Olivier Award
Most Outstanding Achievement In Dance

Review Extracts
The Production

“an ingeniously organised, frequently humorous, gently enigmatic and wholly luminous hour and a quarter – a mini-masterpiece, in short.”

- Jenny Gilbert, Independent on Sunday *****

“Goldberg is a fine work from a mature dance creator unafraid to experiment and to use the best that technology can offer.”

- Gerald Dowler, September, 2009

“beautifully performed and delicately atmospheric”

Sarah Crompton, Daily Telegraph September 22, 2009

“subtly high-achieving piece.”

Sarah Frater, Evening Standard

“a choreographic gem.”

Margaret Willis, Dance Magazine, USA October 2009

“a major new work.”

Graham Watts,

“a beautiful, grown-up piece of fine musical feeling and drama. Elegant, atmospheric, ingeniously skilled.”

Ismene Brown, September 22, 2009

'Goldberg is a fine work from a mature dance creator unafraid to experiment and to use the best that technology can offer.'

Gerald Dowler,, September 2009

Review Extracts
The performers

“Rojo is explosively beautiful and utterly compelling with each ravishing step, each deep, striking gesture. McRae has a soft-flowing elegance and melancholic allure, while Whitehead embodies a gorgeous unattainability. Tommy Franzén is extremely appealing as the street dancer.”

**** Debra Craine, The Times, September 23, 2009

“The performances are riveting – especially that of Rojo, who is as luminous and committed when sitting on the sidelines as she is dancing.”

****Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, September 23, 2009

“Brandstrup produces three stunning solos which the insouciant McRae dances superlatively”

Clement Crisp, Financial Times, September 23, 2009

“Tamara Rojo is a dancer with a unique ability to make the liquid art of movement look like sculpted air….Stephen McRae emerges from the shadows in fleet variations, twisting and turning on his quick feet, dancing to Bach as if he were Fred Astaire.”

Sarah Crompton, Daily Telegraph, September 23, 2009

“It’s casting violently against type to show the virtuoso McRae as a shy, repressed man, but it works brilliantly. He can shift from his twitchy shuffles to a perfect spin without apparently changing gears.”

Zoe Anderson, The Independent, September 23, 2009

“Tamara Rojo, whose serene command of her art superbly balances the rigour and intricacy of Bach.”

***** Jenny Gilbert, Independent on Sunday, September, 2009

“All the cast were wonderful, especially the mesmerising Stephen McRae, and Philip Gammon’s elegant playing of the Bach was a joy to hear.”

Jon Gray, Dancing Times, November 2009

Review Extracts
Design and lighting

“Richard Hudson’s set and costume designs are splendid and the interaction with Paule Constable’s lighting and Leo Warner’s video effects are integral to the consistent feel of the work.”

Graham Watts,

“a design and lighting scheme to die for.”

Ismene Brown,, September 22, 2009

“Lighting for this production is stunning and melds effortlessly with equally breathtaking video effects.”

GeraldDowler,, September, 2009

“Leo Warner's video design marks lines of light on the studio walls, sometimes sketching moves the dancers will take. Best of all, Warner and Brandstrup set Franzén against his own shadow.”

Zoe Anderson, The Independent, September 23, 2009