Ghosts – five studies in musical phrasing

Ghosts -split

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April 20, 2007 by Den Kongelige Ballet (The Royal Danish Ballet) at the Takkelloftet Theatre, Opera Holmen, Copenhagen (as part of a triple-bill which also included Witness by Alvin Ailey and les Bras de Mer by Petr Zuska)

Performances: 10 performances

Creative Team


Den Kongelige Ballet (The Royal Danish Ballet)


Kim Brandstrup


Heinrich Ignaz Biber,
Antonio Vivaldi,
Alfred Schnittke


Steven Scott

Costume Design

Annette Norgaard

Video Design

Kim Brandstrup
Steven Scott


Gudrun Bojesen
Silja Schlandorff
Thomas Lund
Ulrik Birkkjaer
Alexander Staeger

Ghosts – five studies in musical phrasing

Den Kongelige Ballet | The Royal Danish Ballet
Operaen, Copenhagen, 20 April 2007

Review Extracts

“Kim Brandstrup produced a new work in which he summons up five “ghosts” (his piece’s title) of creative experience while exploring the phrasing of his scores (by Ignaz, Vivaldi, Schnittke). The ravishing setting is made from light by Steven Scott; Brandstrup probes emotion, with particular sensitivity in a duet for two men.”

Clement Crisp, Financial Times April 24, 2007

“All the way through there is an exhuberance and ease in Brandstrups organic movement seqences, that makes the ballet both a rich and delicate experience.”

Menrik Lyding, Jyllandsposten April 24, 2007

“The greatest revelation of the evening was Ghosts by Kim Brandstrup... Brandstrup’s seductive choreography carves its own niche between narrative and absrtraction, as does Steven Scotts lighting design. The dancers are dancing in the light, and the audience are transported straight to heaven.”

Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information April 24, 2007

“A magical flow of movement and lightness - of which Brandstrup is a master - characterizes Ghosts . Breathtakingly beautiful.,”

Monna Dithmer, Politiken April 29, 2007

Programme Note

On April 20, 2007 The Royal Danish Ballet presented the World Premiere of Kim Brandstrup’s new ballet, Ghosts, subtitled five studies in musical phrasing. Made for Principal dancers Thomas Lund and Gudrun Bojesen and members of the company, the title refers to the way the choreographer feels he is haunted by people and styles who have influenced his work. It’s also an exploration of Kim Brandstrup’s long-term obsession with the phrasing of dance. He chose to do this in five short non-narrative pieces culminating in a long and beautiful pas de deux for Lund and Bojesen set to an aria by Vivaldi. Each section of the ballet is framed by an exquisite lighting installation by Steven Scott.

Ghosts was given ten performances, as part of a triple-bill of ballets and the work was welcomed by Danish and British critics alike.