Genesis Crystal Ballet

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Release Date

2013, available for purchase through iTunes and

Creative Team

Kim Brandstrup


Sarah Lamb

Steven McRae

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Crystal Ballet
Film Release, 2013

Programme Notes

Crystal Ballet’s Genesis is a new work split into four movements danced by four amazing couples and choreographed by two leading choreographers.

The first movement Spring represents the start of life and the initial interactions between two young lovers. This has been choreographed by the award winning Kim Brandstrup and is danced by the ballet stars Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae:

The heat of Summer (the second movement) moves on to the passionate honeymoon phase of the relationship and the energy and excitement felt by our young couple. Here danced by award winning Daria Klimentova and Vadim Muntagirov, it is the first of the movements to be choreographed by the talented Ernst Meisner.

As the years and seasons progress we move into the Autumn period of the relationship, here the fires of youth no longer burn bright but there is a steadfast commitment between our couple as expressed the wonderful pairing of Erina Takahashi and Esteban Berlanga and completes the work of Ernst Meisner.

Finally we move into the last movement Winter which reaches the end of the relationship, the how and why it ends we won’t say. Kim Brandstrup choreographs this extremely moving piece on the extraordinarily talented star couple of Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg.

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