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6 April 2001 at New Victoria Theatre, Woking

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company
Dance Umbrella


Kim Brandstrup


Jonathan Stone


Craig Givens


Tina MacHugh


Lee Boggess
Joanne Fong
Karl Sullivan

Scenic Artist

Liz Reed

Costume Maker

Sasha Keir


Arc Dance Company/ Dance Umbrella
New Victoria Theatre, Woking , April 2001

Review Extracts

“It is one of Brandstrup’s subtlest achievements”.

David Dougill, The Sunday Times

"Its choreography actually combines a very Dostoyevskian intensity with the vividly specific physical personalities of its three superb dancers. The result, though spare, is engrossingly dramatic." “[Kim Brandstrup’s] best work to date for the British stage”

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

“Celebrating the work of a creative master”

Clement Crisp, Financial Times

". It is a powerful trio distilled from Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot, in which the Danish-born choreographer – whose Nordic style has sometimes looked too coolly discreet to carry the weight of emotion that he seeks – has broken through to a striking new articulacy.

" "The great thing is that you feel all this clearly and truly through the choreography as well as through the perfect performances.

Ismene Brown,The Daily Telegraph

Programme Note

Inspired by Dostoyevsky’s novel. The Idiot, Elegy follows three characters through a single night of charged emotion, soaring jealousy – a love triangle spiralling towards the inevitable.