Pieter Symonds and Thomasin Gulgec in DK60

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15 May 2008 at Sotherby's in London

As part of 'Carlos and Guest Artists'

21 July 2009 at the Coliseum in London

Creative Team


Kim Brandstrup


Astor Piazzolla


Pieter Symonds

Thomasin Gulgec

for 'Carlos and Guest Artists'

Pieter Symonds

Miguel Alungo


Calos Acosta and Friends
London Coliseum, July 2009

Review extracts

The second half kicks off with two contrasting duets by London-based choreographers: Kim Brandstrup's DK60 and Derek Deane's Summertime. Both are mood pieces, but the first is slippery and subtle whereas the other is silken and suave. Brandstrup intrigues, Deane entertains. DK60 features Pieter Symonds and Miguel Altunaga, both members of Rambert Dance Company. She's originally from New Zealand, he is a Cuban. Their atmospheric music is a pair of sultry tracks from tango kingpin Astor Piazzolla specifically arranged for the Kronos Quartet


Allen Robertson
The Independent