Deus ex Machina

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2 November 1987 at The Place Theatre, London

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company/London Sinfonietta


Per Norgard


Craig Givens


Kim Brandstrup


Tina MacHugh


Mark Ashman
Bernadette Iglich
Sean Walsh

Deus ex Machina

Arc Dance Company/London Sinfonietta
The Place Theatre, London, November 1987

Review Extracts

"Deux ex Machina, is something of a teaser with its decision to explore the world of a creator whose creatures assume lives of their own. There is a bold, cutting score by Per Norgaard, two men and a woman in night clothes and much activity with a silver pendulum and a reflecting sheet of glass on the ground. Ours not to reason the motives of the choreography, which seems obscure, but to admire the images which pin the dance fast, and hold out attention. It is odd, but ultimately gripping. "

Financial Times