DanceLines 2007 :Before the Act : Motion impulse and movement imagination.

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Kim Brandstrup


Cameron McMillan
Harriet Bass
Hubert Essakow
Liz Lea


Elisabetta d'Aloia
Franziska Koller
Fred Gehrig
Hazel Gold
Jan Jamrich
Jarek Cemerek
John Hurley
Jonathan Poole
Katie Keeble Laura Caldow
Nadine McClean
Natalia Thorn
Rachael Mossom
Sarah Storer
Tom Dale

DanceLines Teacher

Ellen van Schuylenburch

Film Artists

Satu Tuomisto
Marguerite de Bourgoing

Class Pianists

John Sweeney
Anna Gillespie

With thanks to

Betsy Gregory
David Bintley
David Nixon
Dick Matchett
John Ashford
Julia Carruthers
Kate Flatt
Mark Baldwin
Monica Mason
Theresa Beattie

DanceLines 2007 Before the Act : Motion impulse and movement imagination.

Royal Opera House Covent Garden , August 2007

Project Brief

Before The Act : Motion Impulse And Movement Imagination.

"This years DanceLines are directed towards choreographers that comes from a classical background and primarily works in a classical language.Where former years discussions have evolved around different compositional strategies especially structure and the relation between dance and music ; this years course is addressing a group of creators for whom structure and musical form is deeply imbedded in the their classical training- is second nature.

The course will as its starting point focus on the the creative impulse in its raw state, before it takes form or requires a structure, the idea of an 'impulse' , the impulse to move before we move. What is there before preconceived ideas of form, shape , syllabus or codified steps . How do we “think” movement, how do we visualise motion without something moving, can we imagine dance without a moving body. Does such a thing as a movement imagination exist ."