DanceLines 2006 : Structure: Inside-out/Outside-in




Kim Brandstrup



Frederick Opoku-Addaie
Mikaela Polley
Saju Hari
Stephanie Schober


Andre Edwards
Elisabetta d'Aloia
Fred Gehrig
John Hurley
Joy Constantinides
Omar Gordon
Rachael Mossom,
Rashpal Singh Bansal
Rebecca Gould
Richard Court
River Carmalt
Robert Bell
Samuel Guy
Sara Gordon
Sarah Storer
Suzannah West

Musical Advisor

Kim Helweg

DanceLines Teacher

Ellen van Schuylenburch

Film Artist

Satu Tuomisto


Professor Patrick Haggard
Dr Sophie Scott

With thanks to

Catherine James
David Bintley
Dick Matchett
Julia Carruthers
Samuel Wuersten
Tim Tubbs
Val Bourne
Wayne McGregor
Mark Baldwin

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DanceLines 2006 Structure: Inside-out/Outside-in

Royal Opera House Covent Garden , July 2006

Project Brief

Structure: Inside-out/Outside-in

"This years course is called 'Structure - inside-out/outside-in'. Unlike in architecture and visual arts where structure both refers to visible and even tactile surface as well as foundation and ground, in dance structure is only 'sensed' , it is invisible, neither solid nor tangible. In dance ( as in music, film and performed drama) the structural element disappear into the past at the same rate as the piece reveals itself.

Dance has for as long as it has been a theatrical artform borrowed formal and structural prodedures from especially music and drama. We will look at these and influences from other artforms, but we will also look at structure from a more foundmental point of view : our brains ability and inclination to structure in time, creating seqences and patterns of events, anticipating frequency of occurences."