Ceremony of Innocence


June 21 2013

creative team


Kim Brandstrup

Video Designer

Leo Warner (59 Productions)

Costume Designer

Kandis Cook

Lighting Designer

Jordan C Tuiniman


Edward Watson
Mara Galeazzi
Marcelino Sambé

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Ceremony of Innocence

Review Extracts

"Taking his cue from light and shadows in Britten’s music, Brandstrup’s narrative is an impressionistic shuffle of past and present. The older Britten (Edward Watson) feels himself caught in the toils of his physical and artistic mortality, looking on with envy at the spontaneous facility and verve of his former self (the very young and gifted Marcelino Sambé). Brandstrup conjures a wonderfully elegiac fragility of tone here, reflected in Leo Warner’s light projections, which cast a vestigial half-remembered landscape over the dark red brick of the Snape stage." Judith Mackrell – The Guardian (21 June, 2013)

"Kim Brandstrup’s new Ceremony of Innocence is the highlight of the Aldeburgh Festival’s danced celebration of composer Benjamin Britten. Set to theVariations on a Theme by Frank Bridge, it echoes the ambiguities of Britten’s operas in fresh, musical dance, with strong video design by Leo Warner." - The Independent (21 June, 2013)