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6 March 2002 at The Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe,

Creative Team


Arc Dance Company


Kim Brandstrup


Jonathan Stone

Additional Music

T’sintskaro by the Ensemble Kolkheti
Borbannaadyr by Vershki Da Kroseshki


Craig Givens


Tina MacHugh


Massimiliano Barachini
Lee Boggess
Joy Constantinides
Joanne Fong
Jarkko Lehmus
Fearghus O’Conchuir
Joanna O’Keeffe
Jonathan Poole
Karl Sullivan
Kenneth Tharp


Arc Dance Company
The Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe, March 2002

Review Extracts

“Brandstrup’s choreography is extremely inventive with striking images: best of all in a tender duet for Boggess and Sullivan that we saw in last year’s Elegy” 

Sunday Times

“[Brandstrup] has spent his career exploring ways of infusing his choreography with drama without resorting to straight-forward, linear-narrative storytelling. This is one of his finest, most fulfilling creations” 

Allan Robertson ,Time Out London

"Brandstrup deftly shuttles between each narrative, weaving together their points of conflict, crisis and loss.

Moment by moment it is powerfully done. Brandstrup has a special gift for clarifying the essentials of any scene without resorting to any cliché."

Judith Mackrell, The Gaurdian

“[Brandstrup] ...the only true heir of Kenneth Macmillan.Brandstrup is a major artist: his choreography is consistently interesting, he has a great deal to say as well as the ability to say it well”

Evening Standard

Programme Note

In Brothers Brandstrup observes the characters in anticipation or in the aftermath of events, rather than attempting to recount Dostoyevsky’s vast and complex stories.

During the course of one night, three different stories of rivalry unfold.