Amor og Psyche

Amor & Psyche(1997)@Martin Mydtskov Ronne

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Amor & PsycheCorner(1997)@Martin Mydtskov Ronne
Amor & Psyche(1997)@Martin Mydtskov Ronne
Amor & Psyche(1997)@Martin Mydtskov Ronne
Amor & Psyche Peter (1997)@Martin Mydtskov Ronne
Amor & PsycheCorner(1997)@Martin Mydtskov Ronne

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24 May 1997 at Det 
Kongelige Teater, Copenhagen

Creative Team


The Royal Danish Ballet


Kim Brandstrup


Kim Helweg

Set Design

Brothers Quay

Costume Design

Kandis Cook


Tina MacHugh

Amor og Psyche

Royal Danish Ballet
Det Kongelige Teater, Copenhagen, May 1997

Review Extracts

"The format is indisputable , with his first great full-length ballet, Kim Brandstrup demonstrated his ability to handle the big dramatic structure . With a cinematic drive in the editing and a swell of emotion in the forms - Psyche’s monodrama resonates fatal destiny.


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- Monna Dithmer, Politiken

“…The superb settings, by The Brothers Quay (Pennsylvania born twins who studies at the Royal College of Art in London) reflect Brandstrup’s wish to tell the story ‘in a modern version, but with antiquity close at hand’…Brandstrup does sustain a continuous flow of movement, never submerged by mime…”

- Dancing Times

"The choreography is serious, perceptive. The general dances and scene-setting in Act 1 are effective; the second act is emotionally taut, beautifully conceived; the third act would benefit from editing to maintain the tension of the previous act. But the piece is a success, and is in everything helped by an admirable score from Kim Helweg, a musician working in the Royal Theatre. Atmospheric, dramatic and a very considerable achievement."

- Clement Crisp, Financial Times

" The images are mesmerizing and the drama emerges out of the mundane - where time stands still and the message resonates the universal"

Lotte Ladegaard Zeuthen , Kristlig Dagblad